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    Friday, 3 February 2017

    Structure Of Solid ( Amorphous Solid, Crystalline solid, Polycrystalline, Mesomorphic )

    1. Amorphous Solids :-

                       The atoms are arranged chaotically. i.e; the atoms are not arrange in a systematic order.
     Example:- Wood, Plastics, Glass, Paper, Rubber etc.

    2. Crystalline solid :-

               The atoms making up the crystals arrange themselves in a definite and order manner.
    Example:- Iron, Copper, Aluminium etc.

    3. Polycrystalline solid:-

            A polycrystalline solid or polycrystal is consist of many individual grains or crystallites. We can thought out each grain is a single crystal, within which the atomic structure has long-range order. 
            In an isotropic polycrystalline solid, there is no relationship between neighbouring grains. Therefore, on a large enough length scale, there is no periodicity across a polycrystalline sample.

    4. Mesomorphic:-

                 Relating to, or existing in a state of matter intermediate between liquid and crystal.

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