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    Friday, 3 February 2017

    Introduction of Engineering Materials

       Engineer Materials are classified by two types:

       1. Metals & their alloys ( iron, steel, copper )

       2. Non-Metal ( Glass, Rubber, Plastic )

    Metals :
    • Metals are polycrystalline bodies, which are having number of deferentially oriented fine crystals.
    • Normally major metals are in solid state at normal temperature. However some metals such as Mercury are also in liquid state at normal temperature .
    • All materials are high thermal and electrical conductivity.
    • Example:- Silver, Copper, Gold, Aluminium, Iron,Zinc, Lead.

    Metals are divided by 2 types, 

                 1. Ferrous Metals
                 2. Non-ferrous Metals

    1. Ferrous Material :- 

    • All ferrous metals are having iron as common element.
    • All ferrous materials are having high permeability which makes these material suitable for construction of core of electrical machines.
    • Example:- Cast iron, Wrought iron, Steel, Silicon steel, High speed steel.

    2. Non-ferrous metals :-

               All non-ferrous metals are having very low permeability.
               Example:- Silver, Copper, Gold, Aluminium etc.

    Non-Metals :

    • Non-metals are non crystalline in nature.These exists in amorphic  and mesomorphic forms.
    • These are in both solid & gases forms at normal temperature.
    • Normally all non-metals are bad conductor.
    • Example:- Plastics, Rubber, Leathers, Asbestos etc.

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